Unity is strength Paragraph in English

Unity is strength Paragraph: unity means the state of being in agreement and working together. It refers to bring up the same opinion in a body or to work together by more than one person. The impossible tasks can be made possible if there is unity among us. Nothing can overcome us while we are united. What is not possible to one, can be done easily and perfectly by ten.

Every living being lives in unity. Lack of unity causes destruction. There is a proverb, “United we stand, divided we fall.” Small particles of soil make a continent and small drops of water make an ocean. So we can do anything by maintaining unity. There is a good story about unity. An old man had three sons who always quarrel with each other. Their parents asked them not to quarrel. But they did not listen to their parents. The old man then tied five sticks together with rope. Then he said to his sons to break the bundle of sticks but they could not do it. Then he untied the sticks and gave one stick to each of his sons and told them to break it. This time they all broke their sticks easily. Thus, they realized that together they are strong.


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