Paragraph on My Father in English

Paragraph on My Father in English: The name of my father is Md Abdul Gaffar. He is a government service holder working in Fire Service and Civil Defense Academy. He is a simple govt. officer. Being a staff officer, he gives training on fire prevention and its proper uses and abuses. How to prevent fire when it is out of control and how to bring it under one’s control is the main function. He is very sincere and efficient in the discharge of his duties. He is very modest, honest, and generous. He is very friendly with his colleagues and an active official in his office. I love my father wholeheartedly as he loves me from the core of his heart.

His paternal affection is so keen that I long for it till now being an adult. in the real sense of the term, he is a guide, my guardian, and all of my moral being. His sense of morality and magnanimity is the pathway of my life. I always try to abide by the good principles of my father. In spite of his petty income, he manages a tutor for my better education and treats him fairly well. My father cherishes that I will be a great personnel one day and will keep his prestige and honor. I am trying my best to upgrade his glory and honor.


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