Higher Education in Bangladesh paragraph

Higher education in Bangladesh paragraph

Write a paragraph about “Higher Education in Bangladesh” answering the questions below.
(a) What does mean higher education?
(b) Is everybody eligible for higher educations?
(c) Where is the the-most competitive place to get admitted?
(d) What is the condition of higher education in Bangladesh?
(e) Where are higher degrees afford regularly?

Higher Education in Bangladesh paragraph: Higher education means bachelor’s degree or more than that to be received after the H.S.C. level. Some popular degrees of higher education are M.B.B.S, BSc, M-Tech., B. Ag. , M. Ag., B.SC. in computer engineering and Bachelors and Masters degrees in various disciplines of Sciences, Arts, and Commerce. But everybody is not eligible for higher education.

Because they have to sit for competitive examination in Universities and Government Degree Colleges. It is because we have limited places for higher studies in comparison with the number of students desiring to take – higher education. In fact, the utility of higher education in Bangladesh is not so high as believed to be. In our universities, many higher degrees are offered regularly but the degree holders find no job to do.

In my opinion, higher education should be facilitated in some selected sectors only. And for general students, H.S.C. Level is enough. So it Will help our economy and on the other hand, people will be interested in vocational education. Moreover, the facilities of educational sectors should be increased and upgraded. The govt. should take the responsible steps to solve the problems.


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